Jam Monster Eliquid Review, Jam + Toast + Butter

Jam Monster Eliquid Review

Jam Monster and Jam Monster Salt consist of vape juice that is crafted with a sensational flavor blend of Jam + Butter + Toast. This unique flavor combination of breakfast flavor is intensely satisfying to the finickiest of sweet tooth.

Jam Monster uses only premium grade flavoring ingredients that are food grade quality and are made in the USA.

Jam Monster ejuice is available in 100ml and Jam Monster Salt comes in 30ml chubby gorilla bottles. The flavor are sweet fruity blends with hints of butter and jam, the brand also offer Ice Monster that are menthol based flavors.

Jam Monster Eliquid

Jam Monster Flavor Review

Apple Jam

Apple Jam Monster vape juice provides a breakfast vape that taste just like a spread of apple jam onto crusted toast with a slice of butter

Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jam delivers fresh blueberry jam slathered onto a warm slice of toast with melted butter. This iconic flavor combination is one of vape enthusiast favorites.

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is for those strawberry flavor lovers that will comfort your soul and make your taste buds pucker up. Jam Monster kicked up the flavor with a sweetener that enhances the sweet taste of this strawberry flavor ejuice.

Jam Monster has done an excellent job crafting these iconic flavor blends, the have truly developed something that quite different than anything else available in the industry, and that’s what makes this brand truly incredible, just choose any one of your favorite flavors and you will surely find that there blends will comfort your soul.

Jam Monster Salt Review

Jam Monster Salt

Blueberry Jam Salt

Blueberry by Jam Monster Salt is a crisp warm toast creation blended with fresh blueberries and a slice of butter. Blueberry Jam Salt will have you satisfied and ready for your day. This delightful blend of fresh blueberry jam will make your mornings energized and keep your day productive.

While you inhale Blueberry Jam Salt  a burst of tang from the fresh blueberries will comfort your senses. The warm toast with a spread of butter will fulfill your cravings. On the exhale a truly satisfying aftertaste seals the deal.

Strawberry Jam Salt

Strawberry by Jam Monster Salt flavor recreated by Jam Monster and you can indulge in this strawberry flavor all day long. Strawberry Jam Salt comes packed in a 30ml bottle.

Ice Monster Mangerine Guava

Mangerine Guava is an exotic combination of tangerines and guava will deliver the a tropical fusion on the first inhale. To add to this fruity flavor is an icy menthol that will provide a refreshing twist.

While you inhale the taste of a lightly tangy tangerine flavor will put your taste buds in a flavor coma. To balance out this tart flavor is a refreshing juicy authentic guava flavor smacks the taste buds with delight. On the exhale is a chilling menthol that seals this vape juice into perfect bliss.

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