Salt Nicotine vs Regular

Salt Nicotine VS Regular Vape Juice

Salt Nicotine Vape Juice VS Regular Vape Juice

Where It All Started:

In 2015, Pax Labs released the Juul, and what they thought would be a ground breaking invention, people around the world did not seem to care. However, in 2017, Pax Labs opened a spin off company named Juul labs because Juul’s had suddenly taken the world by storm. Everywhere you look, you can find at least one person has a pod system and Juul is what started it all. With the pod systems, you have the ability to vaporize high nicotine concentrates with less of a throat hit.

What Is Salt Nicotine And What Is The Difference:

The whole purpose of salt based vape juice is to help those with a cigarette addiction they just can’t seem to break. With the possibility of having up to 55mg of nicotine and the similar lightweight to a cigarette, these pod systems will provide the nicotine with less chemicals, and an almost exact feeling of bringing a cigarette to your mouth.

Now, you make ask whats the difference between salt vape juice and just plain ol’ vape juice, and that is how we end up on the topic of freebase nicotine. Salt nics are made of the exact nicotine in its natural state of the tobacco leaves. Remember that just plain ol’ vape juice we were just talking about? If we were to try and put this form of nicotine in regular ol’ vape juice it would have to vaporize at insanely high temperatures, and the nicotine still wouldn’t be as effective as freebase nicotine. However, salt nicotine needs to be tampered with as well, and the key to the tampering is benzoic acid.

Chemical Difference:

Okay, so quick chemistry lesson. Benzoic acid has two main things it does in salt nicotine. The first and foremost purpose is that it has a chemical reaction that makes the nicotine absorb into the body similar to freebase nicotine. The second purpose is to allow it to vaporize at a lower temperature and gives it a smoother throat hit.

Advantages And Disadvantages:

So now you know about the chemistry of salt nicotine but that may not answer your questions on what system you should buy, sub-ohm or a pod system. There are many things that give salt nicotine the upper hands, like how it hits more like the traditional cigarette. Also, the smoother nicotine hit is a big selling point because it doesn’t hit as harsh as sub-ohm devices. And the final thing that makes it have the upper hand is lets be honest here, its cheaper than a sub-ohm device.

Some disadvantages of salt nicotine is how high the nicotine are, some can’t handle it. For some, the 3mg-12mg range of regular vape juice is just enough for them. Another thing is, even though the vaping industry is slowly but surely becoming accepting of salt nicotine and producing it, there isn’t that many salt nicotine vape juice out there, or it might not come in the flavor you crave. Nonetheless, as of late, the industry has taken salt nicotine and ran with it, as most every brand is coming out or already has come out with a salt nicotine version of their most popular vape juice.

Ending Review:

Now that all the information is laid out in front of you, and you have a better understanding, you can make the choice that is best suited to you and your needs. Everyone’s needs are different so there is no correct answer that anyone can tell you on what you can choose. Both are a better alternative to the high chemicals in other tobacco products.

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